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Job Posting: Director of Operations

Reports to: Executive Director

The Director of Operations will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Disability Network Wayne County Detroit necessary to ensure that the organization achieves its objectives and will oversee the activities of staff supervising information & referral, peer support, individual & systems advocacy, independent living skills training, and community transitions.  These activities will result in the following outcomes: (1) consumers achieving and maintaining independence in the community, (2) increased accessibility of the wider community through systems change victories, (3) greater relationships with community partners, and (4) an improved foundation for future growth as opportunities arise.


The Director of Operations will supervise:

  • * Core Services Manager
  • * Workforce Development Manager
  • * Community Transition Manager
  • * Program Managers

Essential Functions

  • *Provide direction and coordination of all Disability Networks programs, supports, and advocacy efforts through supervision of staff listed above.
    • * Work with staff on setting goals and conduct mid-year and annual performance reviews.
    • * Conduct one-on-one meetings with staff, participate in and lead managers’ meetings, and oversee task completion.
    • * Oversee the development and maintenance of policies and procedures for Disability Advocates as they relate to compliance with ACL Standards and Indicators, and contractual requirements.
    • * Oversee manager’s supervision of staff completing and maintaining Consumer Information Files and Work Log entries in Disability Advocates database, in compliance with Disability Advocates requirements, ACL Standards and Indicators, and State requirements.
    • * Monitor goals and deliverables of direct service contracts and grants in order to ensure appropriate consumer services and community activities are being provided and targets are being met
    • * Attend designated meetings with agency funding sources and other community organizations, which address critical issues and improve interagency communications
    • * Act as the agency Privacy Officer and adhere to Disability Advocates HIPAA Policy.
  • * Responsible for the writing and submission of required grant and contract reports, as applicable to department supervision.
    • * Submit timely reports to funding sources and administrative staff, as required and applicable.
    • * Prepare monthly, quarterly and year end reports required by funding sources, as required and applicable to include state, federal, public, and private funding sources.
  • * Develop and implement quality assurance, program evaluation, and customer satisfaction processes for Disability Advocates programs and services.
    • * Oversee the program evaluation process for individual services and community organizing efforts.
    • * Develop and maintain quality assurance systems for program accountability.
    • * Design, oversee and implement the customer satisfaction process.
    • * Provide oversight to ensure that both qualitative and quantitative data from program surveys and follow-up inquiries is collected and tracked for use.
    • * Develop and maintain strong relationships with Disability Network’s partner agencies.
    • * Assist Executive Director with agency affiliations and memberships, and attend meetings as assigned.
  • * Lead the development of new agency programs and projects in cooperation with the Program Managers, Finance Director, Executive Director, and other appropriate personnel.
    • * Coordinate and support the planning for new services and projects through Program Managers and other key staff.
    • * Participate with other community organizations in joint efforts to research and develop new services for persons with disabilities.
    • * Along with other supervisors, identify the basis for and maintain fee structure for each service.
  • * Other related duties as assigned

Expected Skills and Attributes

  • * Commitment to and knowledge of the Independent Living (IL) movement and philosophy, and person-first perspective which supports Disability Networks mission and core values.
  • * Interpersonal skills and ability to participate in and work to build a collaborative team.
  • * Supervisory and program development skills as evidenced by three to five years of supervisory experience and significant experience in program development.
  • * Professional written and oral communication skills, including public speaking competence.
  • * Ability to follow direction and take initiative with exceptional time management and organizational skills.
  • *Accountability to consumer confidentiality and adherence to Disability Network’s HIPAA policy.
  • *Recognition of colleague and consumers’ strengths and facilitation of empowerment principles.
  • *Self-awareness to assess the need to obtain interpersonal and job development skills.
  • *Maintain a positive, strong, credible, professional and interpersonal relationship with all parties relevant to Disability Network programs and projects and always represent the best interests of the organization.
  • *Proficient in Microsoft Office™ program applications and Internet research.

Required Communication

Person/Group Frequency Purpose
Program Managers and other direct reports As regularly scheduled Supervision of staff member’s performance in relation to department mission and goals
Disability Networks Managers Biweekly or as needed Coordination of Disability Advocates activities, development of new opportunities and training to oversee management of Disability Advocates
Executive Director Weekly or as needed Direction and review of status report

Qualifications and Important Requirements:

  • * Education.  Bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, business, law or related field; may consider equivalent work experience.

Experience.  Three to five years’ experience in the following is preferred:  1) Providing assistance to individuals on a wide variety of Independent Living issues, 2) Developing training modules, 3) Community organizing/public policy work, 4) Supervising program activities and supervising managers, and 5) Non-profit management experience.

Demonstrated ability in team building, communication, attention to detail, facilitation and presentation skills.

  • * Work Environment.  This is a standard office environment with most communication through meetings, email, and phone conversations.  This position requires some travel; attendance at meetings in and out of the office is expected, therefore, reliable and self-identified mode of transportation is required.  Communication with Disability Advocates’ coworkers, supervisor, directors, board members, and outside entities to successfully perform functions of the job is expected.
  • * Employment Status.  For purposes of employment standards, this position is categorized as “exempt” from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Benefits are available pursuant to Disability Advocates policies for a fulltime, salaried employee.

Impact on Programs, Services and Operations:

This position provides integral and necessary functions for the success of the service delivery by the entire organization, the organization’s operations and the community at large.  It serves as a critical lead in supporting Disability Advocates vision and mission and promoting the core values of the organization.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume, a cover letter, and salary requirements to: nicole.small@dnwayne.org.