Community Transition Services

From Nursing Home to your home. We assist consumers to transition from Nursing Home Facilities to living independently in the community


The goal of this program is to provide individuals, regardless of their disability and age, an opportunity to choose community based living as a viable alternative to nursing home residency. This program is open to residents of a nursing home who are Medicaid eligible and desire to live in the community.

Using a person-centered approach, we will assist people with returning to their own home, moving in with family/friends, or finding new housing.


The Community Transition Services offers information and assistance on the following:


  • • Housing
  • • Accessing Household Items
  • • In-Home Support Services
  • • Environmental/Home Modifications
  • • Assistive Technology
  • • Transportation
  • • Community Resources
  • • Social/Recreational Opportunities


CTS Referrals
All new CTS referrals should be emailed to
The referral should include Nursing Home facesheet and LOCD.

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